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Never not Comfortable

Never not Comfortable

Don’t let sweaty arm pits, and awkward sweating intervene with your style this fall. Here I have teamed up with GANT to share with you a foolproof hack that will get you through the season looking your best.

A newly revolutionary and smart fabric has been created by  GANT its technology fabric called "Tech Prep™" that will finaly will make your clothes breathable, quick drying and supercomfortable. The initiative allows you to live an active, modern lifestyle while not having to let it go at the expense of the outfit. GANT calls it "A revolution in classical elegance".

So what does this really mean for you?

You know all those mornings that you might be biking to work and you're wearing layers upon layers to stay warm. The constant movement makes you sweat getting your shirt, wet and  sweaty. With new Tech Prep™ techology your sweat will not be absorbed by the shirt- how it normally happens with all your "cotton" shirts. The sweat will be instead transported outside the shirt and vaporized, presenting you with a more pleasant and reliable wear experience.

Perfect situations that cause me to sweat when I'm wearing a dress shirt are:  Rushing around from meeting to meeting and going in from hot and cold environments. If its cold outside and you get inside a heated bus or underground you usually get warm and start sweating. 

In Gants words this is how the new fabric works.
"It is a blend of performance yarn and cotton developed with two distinctive fibers. One of them, underneath the microscope, resembles a snake. This gives the substance substance without making it heavy. That's why the fabric feels so easy. Spun together with this is another fiber that resembles a star. This creates ducts in the yarn which, when weighed, allow air to flow in and out. This is why clothes with Tech Prep™ offers unparalleled breathability, so the person who uses them is cooled and comfortable."

You can check out the new Tech Prep™ collection  - HERE

Post in Collaboration with GANT

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