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What to wear in Ibiza

What to wear in Ibiza

Once again I’m back in my favorite Island, IBIZA! and this time in collaboration with Gant to produce cool content for you guys.  What I like the most about Ibiza , is the bohemian spirit of the island: the nature, the food, the light color of the sea and the Ibicencos are very relaxed and friendly people.

I particularly enjoy that there is not too much planning involved when you’re in Ibiza. Its actually not a place to make tights plans, they will go out the window very quickly, I guarantee it. This is a place to come to relax, enjoy time with friends, get a tan and go with the flow.  

I get alot of of emails from you guys every summer  asking me: Where to go in Ibiza?, Where to Eat?, What to Wear?

Let me start by telling you Ibiza is all about quality of experiences. Whether it's abundance of luxury and world-class entertainment at Heart or Lío ( on a Saturday night most sought out reservation right now), or roughing it through unpaved roads and steep rocks in the pursuit of seafood perfection. There is something for every wallet. 

Having said that there is one aspect that remains constant in every spectrum, everyone is dressed in very comfortable bohemian chic clothes. Light cotton fabrics, pants, bermudas, swim shorts, lightweight blazer ( it gets chilly at night) . The last things you want to do is pack alot of clothes, or clothes that requires ironing. When I pack to come here, I think about outfits that can take me from day to night to match the so-laid-back-ambience.  Here is a round up of my outfits for 3 days in this Bohemian Paradise.

Have you ever looked around in a vacation spot and seen that guy wearing the sleeves tank top, baggy board shorts, flip flops and a bag pack? .. You dont want to be that guy!

Heres a selection of pieces that should be on your "Holiday style staples" this summer. 



Aloha!  Nothing says “holiday” like an ice cold Coronita garnished with a refreshing lime wedge… mmmm. What? Oh, sorry, yes, and a Hawaiian inspired shirt like this super fresh cotton one from the Gant Diamond summer collection, printed with a pattern of blue maritime ocean. Team it with espadrilles, a non-wrinkle navy blue chinos and you can settle in for a long afternoon at the nearest beach bar.

Gant Diamond Ocean Hawaii Shirt (M)
Gant Rugger Chinos (29/32)
Espadrilles ( get them at the marina  market in Ibiza )



Day #2 : I went for earthy tones, army green & white. You’re usually walking in and out of places that have sand, you want to keep your pants and shoes on the darker side so they dont get dirty. In the mornings and after sunset  it tends to be a bit chilly in the mediterranean islands, a cotton blazer over a t-shirt is the perfect add on when the temperatures drop.

Why I chose it? Perfect fit, Im tall and slim (its hard to find pants and blazers that are well fitted). I  love the color, its very versatile, can be dressed up or down. Lightweight fabric, its breathable, perfect for summer.  It doesn’t require ironing. Score! 

Gant Rugger Cotton Blazer (size M) 
Gant Rugger Chinos  (29/32)
Gant Oxford pique t shirt (size M)



Rolled up shorts strike a balance between practicality and Scandinavian cool. These army colored shorts are crafted from super soft and hard-wearing cotto, I like the contemporary fit,  it  looks neat without feeling restrictive. Wear them them with espadrilles,  slip-on sneakers at the weekend or a button-down shirt or with a blazer for a smarter look.

Gant Rugger Shorts (46)

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