Tanning & Grooming summer 2015


July 05, 2015 - by Theo Blix

 Christian Louboutin  Aliosha Pouch, Christian Dior Bois d'Argent Parfum .
 Favorite summer tanning & grooming products. The Art of Shaving Cream,   The Art of Shaving pre- shave oil,   The Art of Shaving pre- shave oil,   The Art of Shaving After Shave Balm, Gillete Fusion 4, Sun-in, Australian Gold Spray Gel Bronzer Spf 6, P20 sunblock, Bioderm After sun Lait Ogligo, Moroccan Oil Shampoo,   Moroccan Oil Conditioner, Bioderm Deo Pure.

To be a man in the grooming aisle or at the hair salon,is to be a man confused. So many choices - it can be - intimidating - and kind of annoying.  After receiving many questions about how I tame my hair? I decided to dish out my tricks,  so here is how I summer groom.

1. Tanning: I use Australian Gold Spray Gel with Bronzer - SPF 8 I have tried all bronzers , this one I tired in Miami and loved it. It gives my skin the perfect caramel bronze color.  Do a few hours of tanning every day, no more than 4 hours to build the tan and prevent a sunburn.  Apply aftersun by Biotherm.   If you are located in Miami, California, Dubai, Thailand and the tropics where the sun is alot stronger than Scandinavia, I recommend your first layer is of SPF20 sunblock and then apply the Australian Gold Spray.

2. Sun Block P20Made in Denmark, This is the best sunblock out there, you can get it up to SPF 50. Its a spray-on clear gel. It dries invisible without white or sticky streaks
. Just one application gives you 10 hours reliable sun protection.

3. Hair: I like my hair to look sun-ravaged (Hallelujah!).  I use Sun-In to make my hair lighter, I love it and swear by it. Its a trick I picked up from a friend in Miami. Spray it on damp hair and let the sun do the work.  I have never seen this in Scandinavia but you can order it on Amazon.  In the US you can get it at CVS or Walgreens. Now, Sun-In is for blonde to dark brown haired people, it is not for those with black hair as it will turn it ginger.

4. Behold Hair Keratin Treatment: This is "The Holy Grail" of perfect hair. This Brazilian treatment gives you instant silky, shinny, perfect hair for 2 months, you can forget about frizzy hair after treatment.  Its not cheap, but its totally worth it.  Come out of the shower with wet hair and it naturally dries perfect. ITS AMAZING!!! There are many types, I do the mild one ( it only takes frizz out and keeps my hair texture intact). This can only be done professionally at the hair salon.  If you can afford it, do it!   I go to my hair dresser Jojo at  The Gossip in Majorstua, Oslo. 

5. Shampoo & Conditioner:  When I am not using Keratin, I use Moroccan oil Repair Shampoo & Conditioner.  I hate frizzy puffy hair. This tames the frizz down and makes my hair soft.

6. Face: Whatever you do, look like  you care...if you have a beard that's cool but keep your beard trimmed and your neck line clean.    

7. Hair Trimming: I trim facial hair once or twice a week, using  the "0" with the electric trimmer, always trim with in the  hair growth direction. 

8. Facial Hair Shaving: I only do this once a month.  I use the product kit by The Art of Shaving .Here is how I do it:  If you've gone 7 days without shaving,  always trim down the hair first with the electric trimmer. After apply the Pre-Shave oil, this will prevent any cuts. On top of the oil apply the shaving cream and use  a Gillete Fusion 4  razor blade for shaving, I like razor because it has 4 blades and it allows for a close shave with one stroke. Wash. Apply the After- Shave balm, the Shea Butter in the balm  is critical to replenish  moisture and soothe dry skin after shaving. This is how I keep smooth, perfect skin on my face without breakouts, cuts of bumps.

9. Handle your package with care: A little pubic manicuring isn't just polite these days—it's expected. Use the electric trimmer and the Art of shaving kit ( the Pre-Shave oil is your best friend.) .

10. Eyebrows + Nose:  There is really only one rule for your eyebrows: They shouldn't touch in the middle. Take tweezers and pluck out all the hair on the nose-bridge connecting your brows.Use a round tip scissors to cut your nose hairs at the base of the nose, just enough so you dont see them coming out.

11. Armpits: Use your beard trimmer with the 5 mm and work it down in the direction of the hair growth. No one wants to see amazon-jungles under your arm pits.

12. Hands & Feet: Clip your nails short & clean. At the beginning of summer, If you're going to a beach vacation or you will be wearing alot of flip-flops I strongly recommend getting a simple manicure & pedicure.
13.Deodorant: Bio Derm- Deo Pure. ( Get at super market or at Duty Free in Scandinavian Airports)

14.Perfume: Bois d'Argent by Dior  ( Duty free Denmark only place in Scandinavia to get it )